Glastonbury 2011: Mud, feathers and Beyoncé’s jewellery!

June 30, 2011

I’ve just got back from another amazing Glasto where I saw some BRILLIANT bands (Coldplay, Lykke Li, Pulp) ate a tonne of delicious food (my faves were Mexican and vegetarian) and generally mooched around trying to survive the downpours and spot celebs. Everyone at the Orelia studio is getting a bit sick of my mud-splattered tales so I thought I’d write about it instead.

First things first – my festival look. As you can imagine, standing outside for hours in persistent rain certainly puts any style-conscious girl under pressure – the need to stay dry coupled with the desire to look super cool at all times is not a happy pairing. However, I did manage to glam up my ankle length £3 pac-a-mac (basically a glorified bin bag) with my gorgeous Orelia Nola necklace and Mabel leather cuff to give my waterproof look a bit more of an edge.

The staple in every savvy festival-goers’ wardrobe – a robust pair of wellies – was of course key to my festival look and combined with a floral granny-style rain hat, I was prepared for anything the skies could throw at me!

Luckily, as you no doubt know, by Saturday afternoon the sun made an appearance bringing along blue skies and scorching heat that stayed with us for the rest of the festival. My pac-a-mac/bin bag was swiftly abandoned and replaced with vest tops and sunburnt shoulders… the wellies stayed until we got home on Monday when they had to be prised off my feet.

But what was everyone else wearing, I hear you ask? Well, as part of the buying team for Orelia, I couldn’t help keeping my eyes peeled for inspirational festival fashion as I squelched around the fields, and I really was in for a treat (and a shock!!). There were loads of flamboyant accessories – feather headdresses, flower garlands and hippy beads aplenty. Shorts, floral flippy skirts, pretty dresses, band T-Shirts and knee-high wellie socks were all the order of the day. I saw quite a few Orelia friendship bracelets in the crowd, so definitely a festival must have!

Some free-spirited individuals went for a more minimalist look – I saw one 60+ lady (and here comes the shock!) completely in the buff apart from some strategically placed body paint and a sun hat. At least she was very sensibly protecting her head from the blistering sun – you can never be too careful at that age!

The range of bands playing at the festival was phenomenal but the surprise crowd pleaser was Beyoncé. I wasn’t really into her music before Glasto but I went along to watch her anyway. She did the most amazing show… it was a perfect ending to the festival. Although Beyoncé and I have a different taste in music, we have the same taste in jewellery. Last summer she bought herself and all her dancers an Orelia necklace from Top Shop in Oxford Circus! I wonder if she’ll buy some more Orelia whilst she’s in the UK? If you’re reading this Beyoncé, I’d recommend the Nola necklace!

So now Glasto 2011 is over I’m feeling a little bit deflated, but the good news is there’s a whole season of festivals ahead of us and I’m fully prepared with wellies and wet wipes at the ready!

love Emma at Orelia x

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