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I Love Brighton

April 18, 2013 2 min read

I Love Brighton

I've been very fortunate in my 34 years to have lived in lots of places. Born on the Sunshine Coast, I was a toddler in Eastbourne, a teenager in Nottingham, a student in Sheffield, and a shop assistant in Cardiff.

The big career and even bigger marriage began in Leeds and then some well deserved time out in Copenhagen.


I have an overwhelming fondness and hatred for all these places I've lived. Our walls and photo albums (think Facebook walls and albums) are scattered with memories from every city, town and country.

However none of these places have felt like home, more like stop gaps whilst waiting for what life was going to throw at us next....Brighton on the other hand is home x

Often called 'Little London' or 'London by the sea', probably by the thousands of bank holiday tourists from the big smoke(!) that traipse down Queens Road and West Street from the station to get to the seafront only to be disappointed by the pebbled beach.

There's so much more to Brighton then the Seafront, The Pier, the burnt out West Pier, West Street, The Pavilion, Churchill Square and if you listen to 6music, (which most of us in Brighton do according to Sean Keaveny) it's not a city full of website designers, though this would undoubtedly be a high proportion of the Brighton population, that and lesbians.


The Brighton bubble...a rainbow filled bubble of diversity, culture, art, literature, comedy, cinema, food and... Hove.

There is always something going on in this little vintage obsessed seaside town and next month sees the arrival of Summer (fingers crossed) and the Brighton Fringe Festival. Think of it as the cooler, edgier, younger sister to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Running from the 4th May to 2nd June 2013 this festival is the largest arts festival in England and it will be showcasing some of the best new comedy talent that is around... including my husband Phil Jerrod (and his beard). 

So maybe this is why Brighton feels more like home... Ohh and not forgetting the amazing menagerie of people at Orelia HQthanks xx   

Beck xxx

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