Orelia Christmas Crafts

December 05, 2013

Orelia Christmas Crafts

We hosted an Orelia craft night at our designer Helena's house. As you can imagine the Christmas Tree was nothing but perfectly decorated with handmade decorations & vintage baubles!   


The task of the evening was to build a Gingerbread House which was helped along by a glass or two of 

mulled wine, a Fairy Tale Of New York by Kirsty Macoll and the Pogues and erm some...superglue! 

Next on our Orelia craft night we decided to chanel the inner craftiness of Kirstie Allsopp and try out her recipie for               salt dough Christmas decorations! We decided to go none traditional with colours to add some alternative colour

to our craft mix!  


For more Orelia crafting ideas take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration!


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