Viva LA Vida

April 15, 2012

We’re writing this as we fight off the last bit of jetlag after our amazing trip to LA. Inspiration was the order of the day, and we’ve come back with tons of it – as well as a few new experiences to tuck under our belts.

First stop: West Hollywood. Arrived at our hotel, Petit Ermitage (, and totally understood why it’s become the new place to stay. Frankly, any hotel that names its room types as The Little Lovely, The

Lovely, The Lovelier and The Loveliest gets our vote. And a rooftop pool, with a cocktail bar, and massive loungers. Nice!
Slightly disappointed with our celeb spotting though, we only managed Darius (X

Factor washout – the one with long hair, in the arrivals hall), and Jack Osbourne (by the pool! ). Missed Victoria Beckham by a whisker (she had her baby shower here). We even flew Virgin Upper Class on the way out, expecting to be next to

Kylie or someone equally glamorous; we got a raucous family of five instead. Oh.
Anyway, we digress. We took to the streets and found a bit of what we’d come for; great vintage, shopping on every scale, and a whole stack of ideas. There was literally a feast for the eyes at every turn. And speaking of feasts, if you’re in the area, head to The Little Door ( for dinner – amazing food, and an atmosphere that is instantly relaxing.

Next, we were on to Vegas. We stayed at the legendary Caesar’s Palace. Our first night out was like The Hangover (minus the tiger…..or Mike Tyson), totally overwhelming. Expected loads of glamour, but really we came away thinking that leisurewear is clearly the fashion in those parts (seriously).

We managed to make it to the Vegas Jewellery Show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, one of the main reasons why we came. This enormous show takes place every year, and showcases a massive range of jewellery. To be honest, we weren’t blown away. We’d got a whole load more out of LA by looking round shops and markets, and people watching.

Hopefully all this will shine through when we get to work on our next Orelia collection. Yes, dear reader, all of this was for you… We can’t wait to show you what we come up with!

Love from Orelia x

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