We Heart Bestival!

September 10, 2012

We Heart Bestival!

Ahhhhhh Bestival we heart you........

Team Orelia headed to the Isle of Wight for one of the best British festivals of the summer last weekend.

We had visions of a weekend of anoraks, wellies and soggy socks but we were lucky enough to arrive on the white Isle to be greeted by the return of summer! Hooray!

Arriving on the island we were slightly concerned by the prospect of putting up our hastily borrowed camping kit...we needn’t of worried as within seconds we had recruited a team of happy campers to assist in erecting our little home for the weekend.


With our base camp set up we ventured out just in time to catch the amazing XX on the main stage followed by one of our all time favourites, Florence + the Machine, perfect festival music which got us in the mood for the action packed weekend ahead. 

Next on our itinerary was Maya Jane Coles set in the stunning Bollywood tent, I think we can safely say this was one of our highlights, and a fun time was had by all dancing the night away.



What we loved about Bestival is that it isn’t just about the music, everywhere you look is beautiful ethnic inspired tents, art works and flags all complimented by the relaxed atmosphere-oh so Orelia and oh so inspiring!!


Saturday and we were on a mission to spread the Orelia love, which to be honest wasn’t hard in such a friendly and fun atmosphere! The festival bags went down a storm, and it was great to meet many Orelia fans-new and old! People loved our cute canvas side bags and found them very useful for their festival essentials! 

Don’t forget to take advantage of your festival discount code if we met you at Bestival!


We saw lots of you stacking our Orelia festival wristband with your own summer collection of festival wristbands as the day continued which was fab. We met some lovely people in some great costumes...see below for a sneak peak of our personal favourites....


We have to say we felt a little bit underdressed (even though we were draped in Orelia jewels as per usual...) however our lovely Lucy was lucky enough to find a froggie Kigu costume to keep her warm as the evening progressed, it’s not her usual style but we have a feeling we’ll see her rocking this look again soon! (shame we don't have a picture of that!).

Saturday night we couldn't leave the Top Tent alone! The line up was so good we couldn't keep away... first up was Jessie Wear followed by Discolouse, not only did we have a good dance we also took the opportunity to hand out wrist bands!

We woke up feeling fresh on Sunday to a rather windy morning/afternoon. I think the only thing keeping our tent up was us being inside it ha! We packed away our belongings and loaded up the car! 

Heading straight back on the festival site we enjoyed one last day seeing acts and meeting some great festival goers... Sunday was all about Stevie Wonder... We managed to catch a few of his classics before heading home... Hope you enjoy all our photos!

Special thanks to @woodrosie at RAWPIX for the cool band and festival pics xxx

If you spot yourself on our Facebook album go ahead and tag yourself! Don’t forget those that received a goodie bag don’t forget to take advantage of the 25% off!

We'd love to hear what festivals you will be going to next year?!

Lots of Love,  Daisy, Lucy & Hayley xxx

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