Celebrating World Cocktail Day!

Orelia loves to celebrate - especially with cocktails! This year, celebrate World Cocktail Day with your favourite jewellery while sipping the perfect summer drink.

The Orelia Daiquiri

The Orelia Daiquiri

Sun's finally come out - and you know what that means, it's officially time for a cocktail in a garden. This summer we've created the perfect pairing for all your new rings and bracelets. 

What you'll need..

  • Strawberries - 500g
  • Bunch of Mint Leaves
  • White Rum - 100ml
  • Sugar Syrup - tbsp
  • Lime juice - half a lime
  • Top up with soda water
  • Ice
  • Edible golden flakes - a sprinkle
  1. Throw your strawberries, mint leaves, ru & syrup into your cocktail shaker and crush with a stirrer 
  2. Add ice & shake!
  3. Pour into your favourite glass & top with soda water, mint leaves to garnish & edible gold flakes for the Orelia finishing touch.