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Chain Layering

September 02, 2019 2 min read

Chain Layering

Here at Orelia we are welcoming the return of the layered necklace trend with the introduction of our new AW chain layering collection.
More is more when it comes to this seasons go-to statement jewellery trend. Whether it be mixed metals, or a contemporary piece paired with vintage pendant…styling layered necklaces has become an art, one that with our Chain Layering guide, we hope to help you master!
Start with a statement
Pick your favourite, most striking piece; a pendant necklace or chunky chain and use this as a base to build upon. Pair it with simpler and daintier styles that don’t detract from the statement necklace! @Beautyandtheblog chose our Chunky Chain as the focal point to her layers and set it off with our delicate Flat Curb & T-Bar Two Row Necklace. The result is layers that can take you from day to night!
                                                            Mix it up
Don’t be afraid to experiment. Part of fun with chain layering is creating a look that is completely unique to you. Wear a chunky chain link necklace with your dainty pendants for the perfect layering contrast. For a look as retro- glam as Chloe Lloyds, pair your mums vintage coin necklace with a contemporary piece from the high street.
Length is key
Wearing too many necklaces that are all the same length will throw off the whole look. Leave a little bit of space between each chain layer so that each necklace stands out. The easiest way to ensure you are wearing layers right is to shop our curated two & three row length necklaces, featuring a collar length chain, mid length chain and a long chain. Designed with neckwear stacking in mind, each necklace can be worn individually or as part of another layering look!
Invest in a necklace separator
Our Layered Necklace Separatoris the answer to all your tangled necklace dreams. Curate your own layered neckwear looks by attaching up to 3 necklaces to our Necklace separator.  Not only does this clever magnetic tool prevent your layers from moving around and tangling whilst dancing the night away …you can take your 3 necklaces off in one go! Better still this nifty separator is FREE when you add 3 necklaces to your basket and enter the code 3CHIAN.
T- Bars
With their ‘wear anywhere appeal’ T bars are having their moment. Team a chunky rope style with a crisp white shirt for the ultimate clean every day look and wear a finer, slinkier snake style T-bar with your evening wear. This versatile style will add an edge to any neckwear stacking.
We hope this quick guide to chain layering has inspired you to curate your own layered neckwear look that speaks for itself!



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