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Good Vibes Only. Our Guide To Crystal Healing.

August 12, 2019 2 min read

Good Vibes Only. Our Guide To Crystal Healing.

The Orelia HQ have been dabbling in a bit of crystal healing in recent months, and walking through the office you can't but notice the pretty rose quartz, amethysts & aventurine decorating people's desks. 

Emma Lucy Knowles, author of the modern day crystal bible 'The Power Of Crystal Healing' writes "Crystals are truly powerful: they work to heal or realign our energy when it's out of swing or to amplify and enhance good vibes, to help us feel alive and bring within reach the desires and goals we are hoping to fulfil." We also think they look pretty damn good on Instagram.

So whether you're looking to crystals to see you through a particular hardship, to raise your good vibes, or give you something beautiful to look at, we've put together our guide to using crystals in your day to day life. 

At Home

Want balance, clarity and peace in your home? Crystals are the perfect way to raise the vibe of your home life and channel energies for your specific life intentions. Want to fill your home with love? Then our Rose Quartz LOVE Crystal Healing Set is your friend. Placed all around the home it's associated with healing heartbreak and finding forgiveness. Place on your bedside table to bring a bit of romance into your life, or try a Rose Quartz Facial Roller to remind you to love yourself first. 

At Work

Amethyst is a crystal lovers favourite. The ultimate 'go-to' healing gem, it brings clarity and calm (and apparently prevents a hangover - we'll take it!). Keep on your desk to help you stay aligned with yourself amongst the everyday stresses work can bring, keep negative vibes at bay and help you make calm, logical decisions. Other good desk crystals are Tiger's Eye (for creativity), Ruby (for confidence), and Turquoise (for communication).


On The Go

Keep some crystals in your handbag to keep the positive energy flowing wherever you are. Amazonite helps feel a sense of completion, leaving you to enjoy the moment and take everything in your stride, and Aventurine can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, and calm irritation, taking you to a peaceful state of mind (ideal for the daily rush hour commute). Find both in our LUCK Crystal Healing Set.


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