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How To Layer Up Your Chains

April 23, 2020 2 min read

How To Layer Up Your Chains

It's one of the biggest jewellery trends right now, necklace layering. Here is a step by step to share our favourite layered looks so you can achieve the styling perfected by influencers.

Take a look at our handy Chain length guide below to give you all the details on the chain lengths you need to know!

Let’s get going ……

Chain 1: A choker or collar length necklace is the best place to start, usually 15” or 16” this is a flattering length sitting at the base of your neck and the perfect place to begin your layering.

Chain 2: Here is where you can mix it up to personalise your look, this is the focal piece. Add a pendant, mix up the metals or keep it simple with another chain in matching plating!

Chain 3: Add a longer chain here. Choose from midi length, a lariat or a long  necklace to extend the look.

You can keep going, adding more, to create the look you’re going for whether its fine or chunky, lots of lengths or super simple!

Don't know where to start? Here are some of our favourite layering looks and how to style them.

Wear all your favourites at once with our mixed metal look:

  1. Start with your Chunky Chain in Gold, this is the perfect base for any layering look.
  2. Change your metal here, we love our Flat Curb Chain in Gunmetal
  3. Back to gold! Our Mixed Chain Link Necklace matches your base chain and brings it all together
  4. We love to add our Long Satellite Chain in Silver for extra length.

Here’s how we stack up our silver:

  1. Grab your Chunky Chain in Silver to start off your look.
  2. Next, we choose our Flat Snake Chain in Rhodium to add contrast between our two chains.
  3. Finally, we like to add our Short Satellite Chain in Silver to give add a daintier touch.

To achieve this gold Statement look:

  1. Add your collar length necklace, we love our Round Link Necklace.
  2. Our Link Chain Necklace comes next to add texture.
  3. Finish off the look with Mixed Link Chain Necklace.






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