Inspiring Identities

Founder and Director of Orelia, Collette, shares her favourite inspiring and motivating podcasts from 2020.

'Inspiring' probably isn't going to be the word most used to describe 2020, however the time to pause, reflect and take a bit more time for ourselves has brought along some positives, and given us the opportunity to have a listen to some truly great podcasts from people that inspire us, a most welcome distraction from the evening news! 


Below, Collette Flood (Founder & Director at Orelia) talks us through her  favourite inspiring and motivating podcasts from this year from a diverse mix of people form all walks of life, all with a common theme of identity, personal growth and acceptance, we hope you enjoy!


Conversations of Inspiration with NOTHS founder Holly Tucker, includes some amazing stories, including Marcia Kilgore (founder of Beauty Pie) on democratising the beauty industry (we're OBSESSED with Beauty Pie at Orelia HQ), and also Dr Sabrina Cohen-Hutton, an incredible woman who went from living on the streets to Chief Fire Officer for West Sussex.

Finally, I loved Holly's chat with Bill Collison, founder of Bill’s restaurants. A business close to my heart, I remember the original Lewes Bill’s café followed by Brighton, just down the road from where I used to live.

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations – Beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys – just incredible to listen to these amazing women tell their stories!


On Purpose with Jay Shetty – with Deepak Chopra
Jay was a monk for a period of time – it’s so inspiring to hear him talk with Deepak Chopra on being more present and less overwhelmed with life.


David Tennant does a podcast
Interviews Elizabeth Moss, I'm a huge fan, love her and cannot wait for next season of the Handmaids Tale. Also Dan Levy, of Schitt’s Creek. If you haven’t watched this yet then it is really worth a watch. Dismissed by me due to the name (!!) but after it won 9 Emmy’s thought it may be worth a watch! It really is, heartwarming all about family and acceptance.


Desert Island Discs 

– with David Nott – please listen to this most amazing human’s story, David is a surgeon and for 3 months every year takes unpaid leave to work in war torn countries. Listen, I defy you not to be in bits!