Q&A with Phoebe Mulrooney

To celebrate Women’s History Month we’re sitting down with a few Women in Business to find out more about them and their business. This week we’re talking with Phoebe Mulrooney the founder of Phohm florist.

Women's History Month: This week we’re talking with Phoebe Mulrooney, the founder of Phohm florist, based in Brighton, about how she established a successful dried flower business, and the women who have inspired her.
Tell us a little about you?
I’m Phoebe! I am a floral stylist specialising in everlasting displays and installations. I founded my business PHOHM in 2018 and I’m about to open a floral design studio in Brighton.

I started out as a prop maker and event stylist and had played around with a few artificial floral displays when I was freelancing – which I really enjoyed. At the time I had a few people approach me about making floral arches for their business. I said yes, and the rest is history!

How did you get started creating your business?
My business has changed over the years as I moved from artificial to dried flowers but I’ve always loved being my own boss. I love coming up with new designs for my business and seeing how they can be conceptualised into reality.
Who are the women in your life that have inspired you?
My mum for sure inspires me the most. She is the inspiration behind a lot of the ideas for my business and can always tell if I’m being disingenuous. She is extremely honest and although sometimes it can be difficult to swallow, she is nearly always correct about the decisions I’ve ended up making.
My mum always told me to be my own boss, but for a while, I really couldn’t see how I could make that work - turns out it happened very naturally.

What does Women's History Month mean to you? 

For me, I think it’s a good time to check in with your fellow women and yourself. We are all on our own path and I feel it’s extremely important is that we clap each other on support one another. Check yourself when you feel your comparing yourself to others, be proud and happy for what you are achieving. 

Instagram shows us all how many women are starting their own businesses whether it’s flowers, candles, fashion or music. We can all see them and embrace them on this platform. If you see something that makes you a little jealous or envious, don’t stew in that feeling – Cheer them on!

 What advice would you give to young women thinking about starting their own brands?

Be authentic, do something you really love, don’t imitate. Create your own vibe that’s true to you and what you love and put your all into it.


Can you recommend four women to follow on Instagram?  

Yes! Here’s some great friends of mine making creating and curating their businesses (follow and support!) 






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