Me & Mine: Meet the Couples From our Valentine's Shoot

It’s about time Valentine’s Day was reinvented - it doesn’t have to be romantic. So in a bid to capture love in all its guises - and celebrate our 
Romance Reclaimed collection - we looked to some relationships that caught our attention to get their take on things. Here’s how well they know each other and what they’d tell their younger selves about this crazy little thing called love.

Friends For Life – Twiggy and Berry

Friends For Life – Twiggy and Berry

Some friends are for a reason, some for a season and some are for life – so the saying goes. Meet Vogue Beauty Journalist and the best friend she met in secondary school – Berry – for some heartwarming chatter.

What is the nicest thing you have ever done for each other?

Twiggy: My birthday wasn’t too long ago and Berry came all the way from America and surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam. She jam packed the day with activities and we honestly had the best time.

Berry: Twiggy has done so many amazing things for me ever since we were young. She knows that I love stars and she got me this thing where you can name a star after yourself, took me to Disneyland – so much stuff.

What is the one piece of jewellery you can never take off?

Berry: Earrings, I always have earrings.

Twiggy: You actually taught me to always have earrings.

Berry: You don't like having your rings on

Twiggy: I always have my rings on, and my hoops, I need my hoops!

Bromance In The Air – Rob and Toyin

Bromance In The Air – Rob and Toyin

Meet Rob and Toyin, best friends and dream DJ duo with nothing but love for each other. Here’s what they have to say…

How would you describe each other in three words?

Toyin: I would describe Rob as funny, mental, chatty.

Rob: I would go… charismatic, influential, and hardworking.

Toyin: Alright I wanna change mine about Rob now!

What piece of advice would you give your younger self about love?

Rob: Just not to get hung up on it, what will be will be. You can’t second guess anything, you just have to take the rough with the smooth and you can’t close yourself off. 

Toyin: It comes in all different shapes and sizes, it looks different to different people. Don’t believe everything you are fed in movies and TV, roll with the punches and make sure it keeps working for you. Don’t be scared if it changes or looks different to how you thought it would be.

Mum’s The Word – Harriet and Janet

Mum’s The Word – Harriet and Janet

Say hello to some sass – Presenter and DJ, Harriet Rose, has us roaring with laughter alongside her bestie – her mum!

Could you describe your relationship?

Janet: A love/hate one.

Harriet: What do you mean love/hate? Umm no, we are very close which means we are also very argumentative.

Janet: [We] speak virtually everyday.

Harriet: Yeah but we argue like cats and dogs as we’re really similar.

Janet: And I like to know what she is doing all the time…

Harriet: Which is really annoying…

Janet: [I like to know] what her love life is like.

Harriet: Well there is nothing to tell!

Janet: That’s why I keep asking!

How would you describe each other in three words?

Harriet: Intelligent, loud, opinionated.

Janet:  Oooh I was going to say something very similar – gorgeous, gobby and thoughtful.

What is the nicest thing you have done for one another?

Janet: Inviting me to take part in this shoot! [laughs]

Harriet: My mum does so many nice things - she's one of those people that puts everybody else before her. One of the things she does is that if I don't like my meal when we're out, she'll always swap mine for hers. I think that is the kindest thing.

To Have And To Hold – Adele and Christian

To Have And To Hold – Adele and Christian

In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin – “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage and half shut afterwards.” Adele and Christian tell us what ‘happily ever after’ is really like…

Who is the hopeless romantic?

Adele: I don’t think either of us are particularly romantic are we? 

Christian: If we had to choose it would probably be me.

Adele: What?!

Christian: Yeah, I just know in my head I love you way more than you love me. [both laugh]

Adele: We have really different love languages so his idea of being romantic is doing the washing up! [laughs]

Do either of you have any sentimental jewellery?

Christian: Well obviously my wedding ring is a big one.

Adele: I’ve got a pair of diamond earrings that I no longer wear but Christian bought them as a surprise on our wedding day and I wore them for like 2 years after and they are really really nice ones.

Christian: I was so hoping you were gonna say them, I thought you had forgotten about those.

What is the nicest thing you have ever done for one another?

Adele: Well you always do nice things for me.

Christian: Proposed! [laughs] No you know what, giving birth to our daughters was the nicest thing you have ever done.

Adele: I mean I didn’t have a choice about that!

Christian: Growing, and birthing, and raising our kids.

Dance Partner For Life – Patricia and J

Dance Partner For Life – Patricia and J

Finding someone that dances to your rhythm is not to be sniffed at and this twinkle-toed duo let us in on how their shared passion created a lifelong friendship. 

How did you meet?

Patricia: When I first moved to London I was producing, directing and choreographing a short dance film and looking for dancers to play alongside me. The film was kind of about my relationship and it was actually a mutual friend that recommended J. Right away I thought – this person is perfect for it.

J: Yes! You put a call out on Instagram and then our mutual friend tagged me in it and that’s how it all started. Once we met we were like “Oh we have way too much in common to just do this one project!”

Patricia: …and we just became best friends.

How do you usually mark Valentine's Day, if at all?

J: [laughs] I mean, we have very different stories!

Patricia: I usually go out with my boyfriend – do a cute dinner situation.

J: …and then there is me! It’s either a very lonesome one in a nice way – I give what I need to myself like a nice movie or whatever. Or I’m just around friends. I like being alone though.

Patricia: I think we’ll do something together this year, I feel it.

Do either of you own any really sentimental jewellery?

Patricia: When my Grandpa passed away he gave me, my mum, and my sister a little bit of money to buy something so me and my sister have matching rings that we always wear. I also have a really funny Sterling Silver ring that has a joke on it between me and my boyfriend. Actually, all of my jewellery is very sentimental to me.

J: Opposite to me, I’m not a ‘thing’ person.