Life & Style: House Of Lady Muck

Each month, we’ll be featuring someone whose style we can’t get enough of, and bringing you their top tips on careers, fashion, beauty, travel and more. 

This month, we’re speaking to Laura Southern, founder of Hackney-based Nail Bar & Lifestyle Studio House Of Lady Muck (HOLM), on what makes her tick, her creative inspiration and her lessons in business.

Tell us about yourself

I am the founder of House of Lady Muck (HOLM) After 15 years in fashion buying I took the plunge and set up HOLM as a side hustle. I am free spirited and always wanted to run my own company, having full creative freedom.

How did HOLM come to life?

We started as a nail art studio - offering understated yet fun nail art, with good chat and chilled vibes. I went from doing nails at events to having a nail art studio in Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street. When the pandemic hit - we had to pivot the business, I put to good use my fashion buying skills and developed a HOLM range of well-being and personal care products.

What does a typical day in the life of Lady Muck look like?

I have just got a handle on the perfect working week. I balance self care - like going to the gym and walking Arthur in around my work schedule - and I have never been happier because of it. The to-do list is never ending.

What important lesson you have learned from starting your own business?

TO HAVE THICK SKIN - I used to be so sensitive to everything, I learned the hard way that I needed to stop letting things upset me so much! Nothing is permanent - anything can be changed,  so I trained myself to approach my business with that mindset. It is all made up of fleeting moments that I am able to deal with - with a level head.

Describe your style

Very casual with a hint of making an effort. My clothes are pretty chilled, but then I will always have my jewelry and lipstick on.

Where do you get the inspiration for your nail art design?

Everything I see - I like small simple details - one look was inspired by an 80s tracksuit I saw in a Netflix Show!

Gold or silver?

GOLD, obvs.

What is next for HOLM?

We have grown our product range very quickly, my focus will be to develop new product ranges and manage the production line. I also want to set up HOLM-WORK Studios - an agency that helps founders with their business journey.

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